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 Are Chimney Pillows and Chimney Balloons the same thing?
Yes, different countries refer to them as different things, but they are essentially the same. Chimney Balloon USA holds the registered trademark in the US for both the name "Chimney Balloon" and "Chimney Pillow". We mostly sell under the Chimney Balloon name.

Can I use a Chimney Pillow in a gas log fireplace? Does it matter what kind of fuel is used?
You can use a Chimney Balloon in any kind of fireplace or stove that you can reach into the chimney area above the damper. It does not matter what type of fuel is burned in the fireplace or stove. The Chimney Balloon material is resilient to your dormant chimneys environment.

However, some states have codes about damper use with vented gas log fireplaces. I would encourage you to see the Fuel code for your state before using any type of damper with your gas log fireplace. 

Where does the Chimney Pillow go in my chimney?
The Chimney Pillow is installed from inside your home. Inflate it about a foot up, above the fireplace opening. The front and back at least must be reasonably parallel. It doesn't matter if it is rough or lumpy. If you can stand inside the chimney, put the chimney balloon above your head, say about 8ft from the floor where it is often a lot narrower. If you have a mechanical damper put it above your damper and keep your damper open so the Chimney Pillow does not get pinched in it.

Can I measure and fit it myself?
Yes, Before you order your Chimney Pillow™ online you need to reach into your chimney and measure the area you plan to inflate the Chimney Balloon™ into. Use these dimensions to decide the size of chimney pillow you need. It is better to get too large of a chimney pillow than too small.

A very usefull tool to measure in your chimney is a folding carpenters ruler, since you can use it like a ruler on a stick.

What does a Chimney Balloon (Chimney Pillow) do?
A Chimney Balloon stops draughts, heat loss, soot, debris, and birds' mess, reduces noise from coming down your chimney. The Chimney Balloon is clear, so if you get a live critter in your chimney you can see what is up there before you unwittingly drop it into your fireplace. If you have a regular steel damper you would not know what you are letting loose untill it is too late.

How does a Chimney Balloon work?
The Chimney Balloon is like a plastic pillow. That is why it is often called a Chimney Pillow. You put it about a foot up the chimney, holding it by the hand-grip to keep your hands clean, inflate it until it grips the chimney walls, then turn off its tap. Then the Chimney Balloon stays in place until you open the tap to remove it.

I dont use our fireplace much because the damper is broken or warped. Does this fix the damper?
The Chimney Balloon™ works independant of the damper and is serves as a highly efficient damper. If your chimney has no damper the Chimney Balloon™ can serve as your damper. If you do have a damper the Chimney Balloon™ can assist your inefficient metal damper by providing a tighter air seal.  

Is the Chimney Balloon easy to remove?
Yes - Reach into your fireplace and open the tap on the end of the Chimney Balloon handgrip, wait a minute for it to deflate. Dont pull it out too quick or you may tear it. It should come out very easily. Put it in a paper bag or newspaper for safe storage and reuse it.

Do I have to remove my Chimney Balloon before I light a fire?
Yes. If you accidentally light the fire then notice the smoke is not escaping, This could cause fire or damage.  Be sure to remove prior to lighting fire.

What is the Chimney Balloon made from?
The "pillow" portion of the Chimney Balloon is not rubber, because rubber disintegrates in chimneys. It's a fairly thin but flexible plastic tri-laminate, a special 'hi-tech' material. The outer layer is tough, the inner is an air barrier layer and the core is a heat-shrink material. It is transparent to aid fitting. It took 5 years of research to come up with the perfect "pillow" material.

How do I remember it is there? With your Chimney Balloon™ you recieve a red reminder card. Take that card and put it on your gas tap, your grate, or by your matches.

How do I know what size I need? Take a folding carpenters ruler or a tape measure and a flashlight and look for the skinniest point in your chimney that you can easily reach. If you have a closable damper in your fireplace open it and try to get the measurement above the damper. Get a length and width dimension and this will give you the rough size you need to get your Chimney Pillow™. It is better to get a Chimney Balloon™ that is a little big. If you get one too small it will not work at all.

How can I get it further up the chimney? Using an extra-long handgrip plus handgrip extension kit, you can get it much further in your chimney. You will certainly need to purchase an extra long inflation tube to get it inflated.

Can I use a Chimney Balloon with a gas fireplace?
Yes, You can use a Chimney Balloon to fix a draft or replace a broken or leaky flue in a gas fireplace, wood burning fireplace, coal burning fireplace, gas log, wood stove, pot belly stove, fireplace insert, or any other hearth that you can reach into the chimney flue from the inside. If you can see and reach into the chimney from the burning chamber you will have no problem using the Chimney Balloon?

However, some states have codes about damper use with vented gas log fireplaces. I would encourage you to see the Fuel code for your state before using any type of damper with your vented gas log fireplace.

I have a cast iron fireplace insert, can I use a Chimney Balloon?
Yes, When you install the Chimney Balloon make sure you reach up inside the chimney far enough to inflate the balloon above the insert. If you dont, you will be sealing the tube on the top of the insert that slides into your chimney, but not sealing the chimney entirely. So air may have an opportunity to sneak around the edge of the insert.

I just had a high efficiency "power vent" furnace installed, so now i have a chimney I am no longer using. Can I use the Chimney Balloon to seal this dormant chimney?
Yes, but here is a word of very important caution. One chimney can sometimes be used by more than one appliance (ie furnace, water heater, sewer, vent, etc...).

You must be absolutly sure you are not stopping up a chimney that is being used by another appliance. Look up into that "dormant chimney" to make sure you do not see any other ports of entry into the chimney. If you are unsure of this, have a professional inspect your chimney and please use a home Carbon Monoxide detector near the chimney mouth (where your furnace use to connect to the chimney). You need to be absolutly sure you are not facilitating the entry of Carbon Monoxide into your home.