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The Garage door may be the single largest heat loss area in your home.  It is very inexpensive to repair and should be checked annually to determine if changes need to be made.

Start with checking the seal on the bottom of the door.  First look to make sure you have one, if not install one if you are able.

Garage Door Bottom Seals Replacement Material and Kits

° Rubber Replacement Double T, or Bead Channel

° Double T Channel Kits Includes: 

     replacement channel (1 5/8" wide)

     Black Rubber Seal & Fasteners

° T-Bulb Only 1" or 1/5"

° Aluminum Replacement Channels

We offer rubber replacement bottom seals in Double T, or Bead Channels.  We also offer complete Kits which includes everything you need to replace the bottom of the garage door with channels, rubber seal and fasteners.  Rubber seals are more durable and and flexible than vinyl, and withstands extreme weather temperatures ranging from -60 to 160 degrees.  We sell generic seal products and they fit most residential and commercial doors.

After checking the bottom seal, follow up by checking the "Threshold seal".  This may not be needed but if your Garage Door has gaps on the bottom of it you may consider installing one.


Finally, check the seals on the sides and top.  These areas can be the cause of much unwanted cold and an easy passage for Heat Loss.

Adding these strips can save big bucks and also make the home much more comfortable.