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Preventative Investigations can help find Tomorrow's problems Today!

By having Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual or even Annual Inspections we can help eliminate loss due to equipment failures and down time.

We can tell you in advance if your equipment or Machinery is not performing under normal conditions.

Energy Smart Alaska is a Predictive Maintenance (PM) company specializing in infrared inspections of manufacturing facilities, retail commercial buildings of all sizes.

Our certified thermographers expertly use non-invasive infrared imaging devices and customer friendly software to locate, identify and report any temperature anomalies in electrical systems and mechanical equipment.

Effectively monitoring temperature trends in electrical and mechanical equipment is necessary in order to anticipate problems before they occur.

It provides the ability to plan maintenance schedules and take corrective action to make repairs before incurring costly breakdowns or suffering system failures and possible catastrophic safety hazards.

Every “hot spot” robs your facility of critical power and decreases your bottom line by wasting electrical energy. If left unattended, “hot spots” can lead to shutdown and can sometimes cause data loss.

We offer a variety of standard and customized predictive maintenance services to suit your facility’s needs. We re-inspect abnormalities after repairs are completed to verify the problem is eliminated. We can also monitor items on a continual basis until the critical temperature is reached or until the repair can be scheduled.

Infrared thermography is the most efficient and cost effective way to maintain your facility. Most importantly, your employees and their families will be grateful you are creating a safe workplace by minimizing electrical hazards.

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