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Energy Ratings


What is an Energy Rating or Energy Audit?
An Energy Rating is the in-depth testing of a structures heat loss, heat gain and cost for heating.

All materials will lose or gain heat at a certain rate of speed.  Your home for example loses heat at many varying speeds.  See the diagram below for an example of typical heat loss in a home.

  In this picture it is displayed that the average home loses 15% of its heat immediately through the ground, 15% through doors, 10% through windows, 35% through walls and 25% through the roof or attic insulation.

The rater will measure all surfaces (walls, windows, doors, ceilings, floors...) and also note all visible insulation types and levels.  We will also monitor your Heating equipment, water heater, fire place and other appliances.

Blower Door

After all of the measurements have been properly recorded the rater will use the "Blower Door".  The "Blower Door is a device that is installed in your door that when turned on it will create a vacuum and blow the air from your house to the outside.  Meanwhile it will also start to pull new air into your home through the holes in your home such as cracks, broken seals and misc holes throughout the home.  The gauge on the door is used to record exactly how many cubic feet of air per minute is moving through your house.  This test is the equivalent of a 20 - 25 mph wind storm pushing on all sides of your home at once.

Thermal Inspection

And finally the Thermal Inspection.  Something only limited Raters can perform and even fewer are certified for is Thermal Imaging.  Thermal Imaging can show you things that the naked eye could only imagine.  Thermal Imaging can show you where your losing heat from, gaining cold or where you have air leakage.  It can also  show you whether you have rodents such as squirrels or mice or if you have water damage or missing insulation.  Thermal Imaging is a non destructive test that can save you thousands of dollars and many hours of labor when making repairs on your home.

 In order to to do this it is Necessary for us to use a "Blower Door".  The main function of this device is to monitor the amount of air that travels to or from the outside of your home via leaks, cracks and various broken seals around the home.

A "Thermal or Infrared Camera" Is a very unique "State of the Art" type of camera that will physically show you where the leaks are and where your losing the money in your home.


       Standard Digital Photo                   With Infrared

The "Blue" is the air that you can see being pulled down into the home from the attic, this is air holds the coldest temperature. The "Red, White and Yellow" Indicate a higher or warmer temperature based on the temperature guage in the photo. This is possible by pairing the camera with the blower door to recreate the normal "Heat Loss" areas.

This is optional and additional fees will apply. Thermal Imaging is not required in order to receive State Rebate

How to Prepare for your Energy Rating  

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